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Food is the most crucial part of any wedding. In fact, if we are truthful to ourselves, it’s most probably the only reason why most of us go to weddings in the first place. But it’s not the same for all of us. India is a diverse land. India is known for its different cultures and every culture has different food habits so in turn, the food that is searched for desperately in weddings of various cultures is different. Well, the list is never-ending but we will list out our favorite ones for you to choose.

  • Odisha: Odisha is a place where people generally use less oil and fewer spices. In Odia weddings, the first thing that is searched after the obvious gupchup is chakuli pitha and mati handi mansa. It is a traditional combination of paper thin dosa and a mutton curry. This heavenly combination originated in Berhampur and has now become a wedding dish that everyone looks ahead to.
  • West Bengal: West Bengal is known for its love for fish. Hilsa fish curry is a must in any Bengali wedding. The curry is made using nigella seeds and chili to balance out the pungent smell of the fish. It is one of the staple foods of Bengal. But Bengalis aren’t all about their fish. The aam pora shorbot which is generally served as a welcome drink made from chilled water burnt raw mangoes and sugar.
  • Rajasthan: Daal baati churma is a combination of spicy daal, sweet churma and dipped in ghee baati giving thois dish all the love and attention it deserves. There is a reason why this appetite satiating dish is our personal favorite. Rajasthan’s Malai Ghewar is known across the country and in many other parts of the world. This delectable dish can take anyone on a joyous ride. The malai spread all over the honeycomb looking ghewar gives the sweet dish its appetizing taste.
  • Punjab: Punjabis are known for their rich and spicy food. Yet a must-have in Punjabi weddings is Lassi. Lassi for Punjabis is like nectar for a fly. The refreshing drink is made from a blend of yogurt and spices with a blob of butter on top making the drink irresistible. The sarson ka saag alongside makke ki roti is a divine combination that is worth your time. A Punjabi wedding is incomplete without it.
  • Tamil Nadu: Tamil marriages have a typical vegetarian menu full of scrumptious and sumptuous meals. It is a popular belief that a menu full of vegetarian items only seems so incomplete. A must-have in any Tamilian wedding is Paruppu which is a simple dal made with a generous amount of nei which is ghee.
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