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The current situation of the nation and the world is gruesome. In order to retain your sanity, you need to do things that make you happy, that lift your spirits, be it painting, dancing, or singing. We are especially sorry for the people who were planning their D-Days during these months. We stand with you and we hope things get better but as of now, we have a suggestion. A wedding at home is a new or rather necessary way of doing it. A small intimate wedding in the comfort of your home with people that you are comfortable with, most probably wearing clothes that you have already worn at least once, marrying the love of your life. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? We have thought long and hard and this is the only solution that we could come up with and it isn’t half as bad as it sounds. A wedding at homes means you have your people and you don’t have to fake a smile. It means that you can be your own self with your own people. Moreover, a wedding at home means less expenditure and a cozy environment. We know this isn’t how you would have planned your big day. You wanted designer lehengas and sherwanis. You wanted the hustle and bustle. You wanted the chaos. But this isn’t all bad. Looking at the brighter side, you get to be with your better half, you tie the knot in the midst of a pandemic. You find your small world of joy and happiness and that is more than enough.

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