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Relationships amidst pandemic.

Relationships amidst pandemic.

Relationships and bonds are strong, but what makes them stronger is the milestones we cross in them. In a marriage, these milestones are the anniversaries that remind couples of everything they have faced together. Anniversaries deserve a celebration, but the lockdown situation makes it difficult. So here are a few ideas on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary in the lockdown:

1. Bake a cake together: Baking a cake is one of the easiest things to do. Work together to bake your cake. Design it in your own way. And cut and enjoy it once it’s done!

2. Watch a movie: To celebrate, you could pick a movie that you have been wanting to watch, or one that has a special space in your heart, and reminds you of good times. So pick a movie with your partner and enjoy.

3. Cook together: How can a celebration be complete without food? And what could be more fun than cooking it with your partner? Pick a menu, gather the ingredients and tools, and there you go.

4. Dress up for a candlelight dinner: Once you have put in the effort of preparing for your day, it is time to enjoy a delicious meal. Make sure you dress up, and out a candle on your table. It’s a special day after all. Also, don’t forget to click pictures.

5. Cherish memories via photo album The best way to remember your journey is to look through it. So find old photo albums that are proof of your beautiful journey and cherish all moments!

Wedding Costumes: Ethnic, Funky, etc

Wedding Costumes: Ethnic, Funky, etc

Think about how beautiful and aesthetic museums look. It is not just because of the antiquity and the history that it holds, it’s also because of how color coordinated it is. Certain colors depict certain emotions. For instance yellow is the color of positivity. In the very same way, red the color is auspiciousness, valor, and something hallowed. Colors play an important role in everyone’s life. Coming to weddings, if we take into consideration a typical Indian wedding, the first thing that comes to our mind after free food is how colorful it is.

It is customary for the bride to look her best but as the trend suggests now, everybody present at the wedding has to look their best. It’s almost a fashion now that all weddings will be themed be it ethnic or funky or retro. Weddings which are ethnic-themed see that all people present are dressed in traditional Indian clothes with intricately detailed jewelry heavier than their clothes with pathani suits and gorgeous chiffon saris. Funky themed is all about the jeans and half saris, dhotis with formal shirts and shades at night. Retro is well retro. Eyeliners with wings so long eagles would shy away and oversized shirts are the way to do it.

Co-ordinated wedding costumes are the new way to do it. It makes everything look perfect like everything fits together like it’s meant to be. It gives a sense of uniformity and not to mention the fun and thrill of helping each other choose clothes especially the men because let’s state the obvious they can’t choose clothes for themselves even if their lives depended on it. Wedding costumes are apparently and definitely the new way to do it.

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