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Mother’s Day During lockdown

Mother’s day is celebrated every year to commemorate and honor the one woman in our life who cannot be replaced. On this day, we put extra effort to make sure they are comfortable and happy and show them how thankful we are for their mere existence. Even though they are the most important human beings in almost everybody’s life, they are the least appreciated ones and we should take this opportunity to show them how thankful we are for them. Here are a few things that we think you could do for or with your mothers to make them feel special.


Mothers are the best chefs in the world.
Moreover they know exactly what we want and how you want it to be. Be it mashed potatoes “with the lumps” or “peas and potatoes”. Try making something for them. Something really simple and easy like a sandwich or a soup would do. It’s all about the gesture.


Pick a rom-com and getsome popcorn and sit down with your mothers to watch them. Or you could just watch ‘Brave’ or ‘Mom’ and let the movie do the talking about your feelings.


Mothers are a huge fan of old Bollywood songs and would involuntarily or subconsciously start singing along. What you could do is put some music on and have them sing and groove to songs from their times. You will catch them laughing and giggling all throughout the time that you spend with her.


Ask her to wear her best outfits and click millions of pictures of her being the natural beauty that she is. Capture her being her happiest and feeling loved.


Cook a fancy dinner by yourself. Could be just some Alfredo Pasta and decorate your dining space with flowers from your garden and fairy lights. Pour some water into wine glasses and pretend it’s a date. Your mother is gonna cherish these memories throughout her life.


These are just a few ways for you to show that you love and care for the woman that brought you into the world and showed you the world. Mother is the only person who loves you unconditionally and selflessly and will continue to throughout her existence. This Mother’s day show her that you are going to take care of her just as well as she has taken care of you.

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